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We love science fiction and fantasy, and we’re dedicated to an optimistic view of the future. We believe that even with all of the complexity of our world and its technology, the fact that people are generally good will come out on top. Creating a better world takes work. In the books that we publish, there is adventure and magic; there are dark times and there are heroes.

Over a decade ago, I asked my partner Glynn Stewart if I could read the manuscript that he was shopping around with an agent. It was an urban fantasy book set in Calgary, Alberta, where we both lived. I adored the book. It was exactly what I was looking for in an urban fantasy novel. I encouraged Glynn to expand the science fiction short story “Starship’s Mage” into something longer, and together we published the first novella of what later became Starship’s Mage (Book 1).

Over the next two years, the Starship’s Mage series, along with his second series, Castle Federation, became a hit. Starship’s Mage paid the down payment on our first home together, and we turned to publishing Glynn’s works full time in 2015, incorporating Faolan’s Pen Publishing Inc. in the process.

Our books by Glynn Stewart and his co-authors feature diverse characters that grapple with—and are ultimately driven by—a sense to duty to their cause and the people around them.

Visit GlynnStewart.com for more information about our books.

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Jack Giesen

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