Rimward Stars is out now!

The fifth novel in the Castle Federation series, Rimward Stars, is now out!

A helpless ally calls for aid
A ruthless enemy strikes without mercy
The fate of empires turns on even the smallest actions

When a minor trade partner sends the Castle Federation a desperate call for aid, they have few resources to spare from their all-consuming war against the Terran Commonwealth. Unwilling to be seen failing their allies but able to spare only a tiny force, Castle sends a hero to command the task group: Captain Kyle Roberts, the Stellar Fox.

Beyond the Rimward frontier of the Federation and its allies, little is as it seems. The pirates are being armed by an outside force, and the politics of these worlds is made deadlier by their poverty. When the Coraline Imperium—the Federation’s oft-difficult ally—sends forces as well, it risks a conflict that could undermine the Alliance protecting them both.

There are deeper games afoot as local schemes play the great powers against each other. Captain Roberts is caught in the chaos as fire and blood explode across the region. There is only one certainty: these Rimward Stars must not fall.


  1. Andrew Kerr says:

    Bought the book today and just finished it. I loved it and I already know the wait for the next one will be too long :).

  2. Thomas Monaghan says:

    Hey Glynn did you ever publish Vigilante? Says a long time Baen Barfly. I still have a copy on my HD! 🙂

    • Wow, that’s a blast from the past!

      Vigilante would have required a lot of reworking to actually be publishable, time that would be better spent at this point writing new books.

  3. Gary E. vihinen says:

    When will the book be out in paper form? I hate Kindle!

  4. Richard Bateman says:

    Vice Commodore Terry Mixon? Really? Are you going to be in EOB, then?