Heart of Vengeance is out now!


For the last several months I’ve been working with Terry Mixon of the Empire of Bones series to put this together and now we get to share it with you!

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A pirate attack with only one survivor
A conspiracy woven across the planets
A vengeance that will not be denied

When pirates seize the inter-planetary freighter owned by Brad Mantruso’s family, he is dumped into space. Saved from death by a passing Fleet ship, he is left with nothing but his skills, a gun, and a burning desire for vengeance.

Acquiring a ship, he reinvents himself as the mercenary Captain Brad Madrid. Before he can pursue his enemies, however, he finds himself dragged into an unexpected conflict when his ship’s history draws new enemies to him.

Beset by pirates, slavers, and a woman who might be his savior—but definitely is a spy—it will take all of his skill, cunning, and new friends to claim his revenge!


  1. First off, great job. Loved being able to read this right after latest Duchy book.

    1) I like both of your works and wondered how it came that you did a collaboration?

    2) It was different from all of your series – kind of reminded me of the reason I enjoyed Jamie McFarlanes’s privateer series. I was wondering when the 2nd part of the collaboration will come out and if there is anything planned after that?

  2. Vernon D Shepherd says:

    Because it’s YOU and I’ve loved all your work do date; I’ll try to read this but I have to say, I generally hate these “swashbuckling pirates in space” books.

    Loved the latest duchess of terra and really looking forward to the next mage release.

    • I appreciate your faith!

      Hopefully you’ll find this doesn’t really count as ‘swashbuckling pirates in space’. Yes, there’s swords and pirates, but the swords are high tech and the pirates are scum 😉

  3. Damm good book, very fun, awaiting the next one with aniticipation

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