Duchess of Terra is out now!

Duchess of Terra is out now!

The sequel to The Terran Privateer, Duchess of Terra is now out.

The current price will only last a week or so before going up!


When Terra knelt to an alien Imperium
They guaranteed our safety and our future
But now their enemies are coming for us

To preserve humanity’s survival and freedom in a hostile galaxy, Annette Bond tied her world to the A!Tol Imperium, taking on the mantle of Duchess of Terra to rule humanity in the Imperium’s name.

The A!Tol have provided technology, ships, and money to uplift the new Duchy of Terra, but those gifts come with strings attached. The Imperium has their own plan for Terra—but Bond has tricks of her own.

With enough time, she can build Earth a place in the galaxy. But as Bond’s many enemies gather their forces, the clouds of war threaten not only the recovering Terra but the entire Imperium.


  1. James Caplan says:

    Such a good story. I love how Annette has grown into her new role. Rereading for my review.

  2. Was a great continuation on a great story. I enjoyed how well you displayed the politics of the situation and made them just as interesting as the battle.

  3. Great continuation of the story. The politics, technological interplay, and the introduction of interesting third parties who can help push Humanity’s technology to point, and beyond the A!Tol is a great plot line for the future. I really look forward to where this series continues to go! I’ll be leaving a full review on Amazon in the next 24 hours to help as well.

    Great job as always!

  4. Another great series I just cannot get enough of this. A great story line great characters all mixed with humor, romance and excitement. It’s probably been over a decade maybe two since I started to read all an authors books just because the ones I have read are so good and I have not been disappointed a truly great read looking forward to the next in this series and the others.

  5. Great book conflicted, do i want the 3rd of this next or do I want sequel to Q-ship? Both are great series with amazing characters the problem is i want the next book in both series NOW.

  6. Quick and simple request; please cut back on the minor things like sleeping and eating and write more and faster.


    • Dude, I’m planning to put out eight books this year. Don’t be too greedy!

      • Surely you’ve realised by now that readers will ALWAYS be greedy. I go through your books as soon as they release and I’m usually done in a few hours or a day if I decide to take it slow, I guess I’m like… like an addict… because… because I’m addicted?

        Seriously though, love your dedication to your readers and to the stories you’re telling. Eight in a year is absolutely amazing. I read everything you write (and I’m so sad that the fantasy series didn’t make it past one book, but that’s understandable). Keep up the great work and thank you so much. Can’t wait for Judgement of Mars- that one is my favourite series by far.

  7. My good man, you give Ringo and Weber a run for their money. Please don’t stop writing.