Starship’s Mage

Starship’s Mage is a serialized space fantasy adventure, in the style of the pulp magazines of old, released in five episodes. The first episode was released on December 15, 2013, and the last was released on December 15, 2014.

An omnibus of the five novellas makes up Book One of the Starship’s Mage series and is available as a $3.99 USD ebook at Amazon and a paperback at CreateSpace, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

It is also available as an audiobook via Tantor Media on and other audiobook retailers.

In a galaxy tied together by the magic of the elite Jump Magi, Damien Montgomery is a newly graduated member of their number.
With no family or connections to find a ship, he is forced to service on an interstellar freighter known to be hunted by pirates.
When he takes drastic action to save the Blue Jay from their pursuers, he sets in motion a sequence of events beyond his control – and attracts enemies on both sides of the law!