Starship’s Mage 4 – Alien Arcana

Alien Arcana is book four in the Starship’s Mage series, a 90,000 word space fantasy novel released September 15, 2016.

It is available as a $4.99 USD eBook on Amazon.

It is also available as a $13.99 USD paperback on Amazon, and Createspace.

It is forthcoming as an audiobook from Tantor Media.



An alien ruin
A murdered archeologist
An ancient secret—and a conspiracy that will kill to keep it.

When a scientist is murdered after finding signs of alien magic in an archeological dig, Mage Damien Montgomery, Hand of the Mage-King of Mars, is sent to investigate both the murder and the alien runes.
His investigation is interrupted when a mysterious ship attacks the ruins with weapons only available to the Martian Navy. Despite saving the dig site, Montgomery is left with more questions than answers.
His investigations reveal questions about the origin of his magic and his nation—and lead him back to the one place that should be safe: the court of the Mage-King of Mars.