Starship’s Mage 2 – Hand of Mars

Hand of Mars is the sequel to Starship’s Mage, a 93,000 space fantasy novel released September 25, 2015.

It is available as a $4.99 USD ebook on Amazon.

It is also available as a $13.99 USD paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace.

It is also available as an audiobook via Tantor Media on and other audiobook retailers.


Rogue mage turned interplanetary Envoy

Three years ago, as Ship’s Mage of the starship Blue Jay, Damien Montgomery was pursued to the edge of human space by both the agents and enemies of the Mage-King of Mars — before being brought in from the cold.

Now, trained in new skills by the Mage-King himself, Damien has been sent to the planet Ardennes alongside Alaura Stealey, Hand of the King. A rebel movement there has destroyed cities fighting a Governor seemingly lost to corruption.

But not all on Ardennes is as it seems. As allies becomes enemies and an entire world comes apart in chaos around him, Damien will find both his skills and integrity tested to the utter limit.