City in the Sky

City in the Sky is a 100,000 word fantasy novel, released digitally on April 16, 2015 and in paperback on April 17, 2015.

A $4.99 USD e-book is available at All Amazon stores (Kindle)

City in the Sky is also available as a a $13.99 USD physical paperback from Amazon and Createspace.


Trapped between two peoples
Erik Tarverro is a half-breed raised as a smith in the human city of Vidran. Hounded for his mixed blood and denied mastery in his craft, he leaps at the chance to join his father’s people in the Sky City of Newport.
There, he learns he is the only heir of an ancient and noble line. His father’s name opens doors and gathers allies, but Erik must still struggle to understand both this strange new culture and his place within it.
Fate will deny him a peaceful understanding, though, as the clouds of war gather – and his father’s enemies have laid their eyes upon his City in the Sky.