Children of Prophecy

Children of Prophecy is a 90,000 word epic fantasy novel, released digitally on November 14, 2014 and in paperback on November 19, 2014.

A $3.99 USD e-book is available at All Amazon stores (Kindle)
Children of Prophecy is also available as a a $13.99 USD physical paperback from Amazon and Createspace.

An age in the past, the world’s two greatest Mages fought a bloody war to a draw that slew them both.
In the time since, the Kingdom of Vishni has known quiet, and the Swarm beyond the mountains has grown in strength and numbers. Now, with the Time of Prophecy at hand, dark forces move to fulfil ancient visions.
Two men, born to poverty but bearing the blood of those ancient Mages, will rise to decide the fate of both Swarm and Kingdom as the fires of this ancient conflict rise anew.