ONSET: Blood of the Innocent is out now!

ONSET: Blood of the Innocent is out now!


A war older than the nation

An enemy with agents at every turn

An ancient foe with an offer of peace

The alliance with the Elfin Warriors has allowed the United States Government’s supernatural forces, the Omicron Branch, to hold the line against the demons and take the war to the Vampire Familias, defeating them in battle and reclaiming their resources.

Victory against the vampires, however, leaves David White with a moral dilemma as he captures an entire convoy of freshly turned vampires: beyond saving, but innocent of their species’ crimes. Duty only allows one fate for them—but then an ancient vampire arrives to negotiate for their freedom.

Letting them go drags David into the middle of a political nightmare as the Omicron branch must decide which is more important: Omicron’s authority and revenge for their dead, or the very Constitution and people they are sworn to defend…

(Launch discount will only last one week, at which point the entire series will be going up in price!)

Rimward Stars is out now!

The fifth novel in the Castle Federation series, Rimward Stars, is now out!

A helpless ally calls for aid
A ruthless enemy strikes without mercy
The fate of empires turns on even the smallest actions

When a minor trade partner sends the Castle Federation a desperate call for aid, they have few resources to spare from their all-consuming war against the Terran Commonwealth. Unwilling to be seen failing their allies but able to spare only a tiny force, Castle sends a hero to command the task group: Captain Kyle Roberts, the Stellar Fox.

Beyond the Rimward frontier of the Federation and its allies, little is as it seems. The pirates are being armed by an outside force, and the politics of these worlds is made deadlier by their poverty. When the Coraline Imperium—the Federation’s oft-difficult ally—sends forces as well, it risks a conflict that could undermine the Alliance protecting them both.

There are deeper games afoot as local schemes play the great powers against each other. Captain Roberts is caught in the chaos as fire and blood explode across the region. There is only one certainty: these Rimward Stars must not fall.

An April Update

We are beginning the process of redesigning the website, so a lot of content on here has fallen a bit out of date. Working on that in the interim, but my priority is always the books.

Speaking of which: Rimward Stars is a bit over sixty percent done, trucking along on schedule for a target mid-May release.

Next up after that are ONSET 3: Blood of the Innocent and Terra and Imperium, both planned to be out this summer.

There’s a Secret Project (SP: V let’s call it) that should also see a release either late summer or early fall, plans are still in the process of assembly.


I will be moving this summer as well, but that’s already built in to the schedule for ONSET3 and DT3. I hope, anyway!


After Terra and Imperium is the slot for a Starship’s Mage novel, and I’ve decided to do something… well, frankly, something a bit risky. Instead of immediately beginning the UnArcana Rebellions series, my sixth planned release for 2017 is a Captain David Rice novel, tentatively entitled Interstellar Mage, kicking off a planned series of 2 or 3 books bringing Rice’s storyline up to the Legatan Secession.

(David, along with several others from along the way, will show up in UnArcana Rebellions, and I’m hoping some people want to see just what he’s been up to in the intervening five years!)

The Castle Federation series will probably wrap up this year with its sixth book, opening a “slot”, so my intent will be to finish Rice’s series and begin UnArcana Rebellions in 2018.

Next year will also see my other Secret Project (SP: E, let’s call it), though that’s a longer-term affair, and the sequel trilogy to Duchy of Terra.


(For those keeping track, yes, my writing time is now scheduled through the end of 2018. Mewp.)


Happy reading!

-Glynn Stewart

Judgment of Mars out now!

The fifth novel in the best-selling Starship’s Mage series, Judgment of Mars, is now out!

The current price will only last a week or so before going up!

A war fought in the shadows
A conspiracy shattered in fire
A moment of weakness…
When politics are played for blood.

The destruction of the secret archive of the Royal Order of Keepers on Mars has left Damien Montgomery, Hand of the Mage-King, with his enemies defeated, his lover dead—and his questions unanswered.

When he seeks out the remaining Keepers for answers, he discovers only violence and death in their strongholds. Someone else is hunting down the survivors to make sure they never answer Damien’s questions—or anyone else’s.

As a wave of murder sweeps Mars and the consequences of the Keepers’ conspiracy sink home, Damien is summoned before the Council of the Protectorate to answer for the deaths of two other Hands. In the political heart of the Protectorate of Mars, he finds he may be forced to choose between honoring the oaths he swore and preserving the survival of the Protectorate itself!


Duchess of Terra is out now!

Duchess of Terra is out now!

The sequel to The Terran Privateer, Duchess of Terra is now out.

The current price will only last a week or so before going up!


When Terra knelt to an alien Imperium
They guaranteed our safety and our future
But now their enemies are coming for us

To preserve humanity’s survival and freedom in a hostile galaxy, Annette Bond tied her world to the A!Tol Imperium, taking on the mantle of Duchess of Terra to rule humanity in the Imperium’s name.

The A!Tol have provided technology, ships, and money to uplift the new Duchy of Terra, but those gifts come with strings attached. The Imperium has their own plan for Terra—but Bond has tricks of her own.

With enough time, she can build Earth a place in the galaxy. But as Bond’s many enemies gather their forces, the clouds of war threaten not only the recovering Terra but the entire Imperium.

ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy Out Now

ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy is the continuation of the ONSET Urban Fantasy series.

Check it out on Amazon and enjoy!

My next project is Duchess of Terra, the sequel to The Terran Privateer.

Happy reading and happy holidays everyone!

-Glynn Stewart

onset2-mee-cover-low-res-500pxAn paranormal agency in tatters
A critical alliance that must not fail
A betrayal in their darkest hour

The demon Ekhmez ripped out the heart of America’s supernatural defenders and strengthened their foes. The agencies of the Omicron branch of the US government face a newly expanded threat with their resources stretched to the breaking point.

To hold the line, newly promoted Commander David White of ONSET is sent to forge an alliance with the Elfin Conclave, a supernatural organization with its own history, grudges and politics.

When violence wracks the Conclave and guts the allies they sought, David White must hunt the Elfin’s foes across the Pacific northwest, taking any help that comes his way—because when the world is on fire, can you turn away your enemy’s enemy?


2016 Retrospective and 2017 Plans

Another year draws to a close. This one was my first full year as a full-time author, which remains utterly mind-boggling to me!

It’s been a busy year. To date, we’ve launched six novels and I’ve lost track of audiobook launches. We’ll hopefully be launching a seventh, ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy, before the end of the year.

Somewhere along the way, we managed to move provinces and begin getting ourselves settled into Ontario.

It’s been a good year.  Every book except ONSET: To Serve and Protect broke Amazon’s top 500. (TSP may still, but if so I’ll be stunned. With the first book in a new genre, my expectations are more conservative :)). Alien Arcana broke Amazon’s top 100, a first for me!

I’m not going back to accounting anytime soon folks. Thank you.


Looking forward now, my plans for next year are even busier. 2016 will see seven books. 2017 should see eight. My goal is to put out a book in each of my four series every six months. There may be some slippage as that is an extremely demanding goal for me, but that is my target.

For now, my plan is to remain all-in with Kindle Unlimited. KU has done very well for me financially and while I’d like to be less dependent on Amazon, I like the cash flow more.


The next cycle of books have titles. In order of release: ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy, Duchess of Terra, Judgment of Mars and Rimward Stars. Titles for everything after those are still in flux, though I have least working titles. And codes for reference.


I look forward to 2017 being even better than 2016 and to continuing to write my stories and share them with you.

It really is a dream come true and I cannot thank you all enough for letting me do this!


Happy reading folks,

-Glynn Stewart

ONSET: To Serve and Protect out now!

ONSET: To Serve and Protect is my venture into the world of Urban Fantasy. The second book, ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy will be coming later in December.

Check it out on Amazon and I hope you enjoy!

Remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

-Glynn Stewart
A small town cop with an unexpected gift
A shadowy government agency on the side of justice
A call no good man could turn away

When vampires attack David White’s small town, only luck, firepower, and the intervention of an elite government task force save his life. The aftermath of the attack leaves him in the middle of the world’s biggest secret: the existence of government agencies that regulate the supernatural.

They insist that David’s “luck” is actually a supernatural gift, and he’s immediately recruited into ONSET, the most shadowy part of America’s thin blue line of police protectors.

Questioning both his gifts and the agency he now serves, David is drawn
into an escalating battle that threatens all of humanity. If he isn’t what ONSET thinks he is, the entire world may pay the price.

Q-Ship Chameleon out now!

Q-Ship Chameleon is now out!

Q-Ship Chameleon, the fourth Castle Federation novel, is out now!

It will be at a discounted price until November 4, 2016.


A heroic Captain denied command
A battered but relentless enemy
A covert operation to strike at the heart of an unstoppable foe!

Captain Kyle Roberts has commanded the carrier Avalon through the most vicious battles of the war against the Terran Commonwealth—but with Avalon in for repair, his political enemies deny him a new ship.

Unwilling to accept a desk, he takes command of a covert operation using a captured Commonwealth warship to strike at the very heart of their enemy, drawing away the reinforcements that could destroy the Alliance’s recent gains.

But the spies who planned the operation have secrets they haven’t shared. Their allies have their own agendas—and the Commonwealth has surprises of its own!

Alien Arcana is #1 in Space Opera

For the last two days, Alien Arcana has been the #1 Space Opera book on Amazon!

(Screenshotted below to record it for posterity as well XD)

Thank you!!!!