An April Update

We are beginning the process of redesigning the website, so a lot of content on here has fallen a bit out of date. Working on that in the interim, but my priority is always the books.

Speaking of which: Rimward Stars is a bit over sixty percent done, trucking along on schedule for a target mid-May release.

Next up after that are ONSET 3: Blood of the Innocent and Terra and Imperium, both planned to be out this summer.

There’s a Secret Project (SP: V let’s call it) that should also see a release either late summer or early fall, plans are still in the process of assembly.


I will be moving this summer as well, but that’s already built in to the schedule for ONSET3 and DT3. I hope, anyway!


After Terra and Imperium is the slot for a Starship’s Mage novel, and I’ve decided to do something… well, frankly, something a bit risky. Instead of immediately beginning the UnArcana Rebellions series, my sixth planned release for 2017 is a Captain David Rice novel, tentatively entitled Interstellar Mage, kicking off a planned series of 2 or 3 books bringing Rice’s storyline up to the Legatan Secession.

(David, along with several others from along the way, will show up in UnArcana Rebellions, and I’m hoping some people want to see just what he’s been up to in the intervening five years!)

The Castle Federation series will probably wrap up this year with its sixth book, opening a “slot”, so my intent will be to finish Rice’s series and begin UnArcana Rebellions in 2018.

Next year will also see my other Secret Project (SP: E, let’s call it), though that’s a longer-term affair, and the sequel trilogy to Duchy of Terra.


(For those keeping track, yes, my writing time is now scheduled through the end of 2018. Mewp.)


Happy reading!

-Glynn Stewart


  1. Steven Anderson says:

    Just got done with duchess of trra. Excellent read! Now looking up more youve written. Keep up the great work!

  2. Andrew Kerr says:

    I was not entirely happy when I first read that UnArcanna Rebellions would not be starting immediately, but you have piqued my interest about Captain Rice. I will at least read the first book about him.