ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy Out Now

ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy is the continuation of the ONSET Urban Fantasy series.

Check it out on Amazon and enjoy!

My next project is Duchess of Terra, the sequel to The Terran Privateer.

Happy reading and happy holidays everyone!

-Glynn Stewart

onset2-mee-cover-low-res-500pxAn paranormal agency in tatters
A critical alliance that must not fail
A betrayal in their darkest hour

The demon Ekhmez ripped out the heart of America’s supernatural defenders and strengthened their foes. The agencies of the Omicron branch of the US government face a newly expanded threat with their resources stretched to the breaking point.

To hold the line, newly promoted Commander David White of ONSET is sent to forge an alliance with the Elfin Conclave, a supernatural organization with its own history, grudges and politics.

When violence wracks the Conclave and guts the allies they sought, David White must hunt the Elfin’s foes across the Pacific northwest, taking any help that comes his way—because when the world is on fire, can you turn away your enemy’s enemy?



  1. Derek Frazer says:

    Loved Onse and DT1, like your style of writing, read the Avalon series as well apart from Q-Ship Chameleon your email server timing out by the way and cannot subscribe…

  2. Hi Glynn. Loved both ONSET books (so far)…bit curious though. As I finished “My Enemy’s Enemy” on my Kindle, I’m sure a popup came up to give the name of the next ONSET book, and it said “January 2017″…. next time I looked it had disappeared, and no mention of a third book, anywhere (even here?)
    What’s the story? Are we getting another ONSET book, is it named yet, and when? (No pressure….you are allowed ONE meal break a day, one potty break, and a full 2 hours’ sleep a night!) (3 on Sundays).