2016 Retrospective and 2017 Plans

Another year draws to a close. This one was my first full year as a full-time author, which remains utterly mind-boggling to me!

It’s been a busy year. To date, we’ve launched six novels and I’ve lost track of audiobook launches. We’ll hopefully be launching a seventh, ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy, before the end of the year.

Somewhere along the way, we managed to move provinces and begin getting ourselves settled into Ontario.

It’s been a good year.  Every book except ONSET: To Serve and Protect broke Amazon’s top 500. (TSP may still, but if so I’ll be stunned. With the first book in a new genre, my expectations are more conservative :)). Alien Arcana broke Amazon’s top 100, a first for me!

I’m not going back to accounting anytime soon folks. Thank you.


Looking forward now, my plans for next year are even busier. 2016 will see seven books. 2017 should see eight. My goal is to put out a book in each of my four series every six months. There may be some slippage as that is an extremely demanding goal for me, but that is my target.

For now, my plan is to remain all-in with Kindle Unlimited. KU has done very well for me financially and while I’d like to be less dependent on Amazon, I like the cash flow more.


The next cycle of books have titles. In order of release: ONSET: My Enemy’s Enemy, Duchess of Terra, Judgment of Mars and Rimward Stars. Titles for everything after those are still in flux, though I have least working titles. And codes for reference.


I look forward to 2017 being even better than 2016 and to continuing to write my stories and share them with you.

It really is a dream come true and I cannot thank you all enough for letting me do this!


Happy reading folks,

-Glynn Stewart


  1. Michael Smith says:

    Looking forward to them all!

  2. James Caplan says:

    TSP now has a “best seller” banner on it. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. Hi Glynn,

    Have to say I’ve really enjoyed your Starship’s Mage series. I might even read it again while waiting for the next in the series, but first I’m gonna give your other series a look. Thanks for writing, look forward to your work in the coming year.

  4. Kevin Irwin says:

    Loved starship mage, absolutely loved onset, just going back to the avalon stuff, keep on writing bud, onset does feel like demon accords books by John Conroe and i love those

  5. First I love your work. All of it is very well written and constantly entertaining. I didn’t really know where else to put this question but are we ever going to see more books of city in the sky? I know it’s supposed to be a stand alone but I really liked it and was curious if there will ever be more.

    • I get this question a lot XD

      Sadly, City in the Sky never sold well enough to justify writing a sequel. At this point, I’d probably do an entirely new series were I to return to epic fantasy.

  6. Do we have a release date for ONSET 2?

  7. Vernon D Shepherd says:

    Glad to see you doing so well. I started with the Mage series and have read everything since and loved them all.